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DND Gelcolor - Electric Night 0.5 oz - #758

DND Gelcolor - Electric Night 0.5 oz - #758

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Experience the ease of professional-quality results from the comfort of your own home with DND Gel Color's user-friendly formula. Electric Night glides on effortlessly, providing a smooth, even application with minimal effort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Electric Night boasts a formula infused with vibrant pigments, delivering intense color saturation and flawless coverage in just one coat. Its chip-resistant formula ensures your manicure stays pristine, maintaining its dazzling finish for weeks on end.


1. Experience intense color saturation with every coat of Electric Night.

2. Enjoy extended wear without the worry of frequent touch-ups.

3. Achieve salon-quality results with ease using Electric Night.

4. Its versatile hue complements a wide range of styles and occasions.

5. Expedite your manicure process with Electric Night's quick curing time under a UV or LED lamp. 

How to Use-

1. Shake the bottle of DND Gel Color in Electric Night to ensure proper mixing of the polish.

2. Apply a thin, even layer of Electric Night to each nail

3. Once the Electric Night color is cured, apply a thin, even layer of DND Gel Color Top Coat to each nail

4. After curing the top coat, use a lint-free nail wipe or cotton pad soaked in alcohol to remove any sticky residue from the nails

5. Admire your dazzling nails in Electric Night! With proper application and care


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